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What is a Buyer’s Agent or Property Aggregator?

Once you have done your research, you need to be sure that you have located the right area of Australia to invest in. You will then need to contact all the local real estate agents. Set aside a few weeks of your time, try to arrange all of these agents to show you the stock they have on hand at that time and hope you can find a property that meets your criteria. You can also use a property buyer’s agent service or a property aggregator.

What is a Buyer’s Agent or Property Aggregator?

You need impartial, independent and reliable advice in order to be successful at property investment and that’s precisely what buyers’ agents and property aggregators are in the business of providing.

Imagine if you could contact just one agent and they would do all the running around for you. Instead of having to contact several different real estate agents and developers and then having to sift through all of the competing and contradictory information they give you. They would contact many different vendors, real estate agents, developers, etc and, after determining what your needs and wants are, they will then present a summary of the best options available on the market at the moment that suit YOUR NEEDS. That’s what Buyer’s agents or Property Aggregators do. They work for you.

A buyer’s agent and property aggregator provide market analysis and identification of growth areas in the capital city markets. They identify, source and negotiate specific investment properties in keeping with market conditions and the client’s requirements.

Clients are provided with recommendations based on:

  • – Indicative investment cash flows.
  • – Detailed market demographics and commentary.
  • – Specific property recommendations. Property plans, photos, specifications, etc.
  • – Assisting clients with purchase of appropriate investment properties.
  • – Coordination of the purchase process and on-going client support.

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Independence is the number one factor. Ask them if they:

  1. Sell more than one product from more than one developer.
  2. Have access to all of the fast-growing estates of Australia.
  3. Are knowledgeable about investment strategies.
  4. Have access to other professionals necessary to help you complete the transaction, i.e. :
    • – Property strategists
    • – A finance team
    • – Tax advisors
    • – Property managers
    • – Life coaches

A really good buyer’s agent is knowledgeable about most mainstream investment strategies. They also have an understanding of what the client’s needs are on a more personal level with regard to their goals, strategies and fears. They have the ability to hear the client’s views and turn them into a “plan of action”.

Why use Property In A Box? Property In A Box will take a client’s request and apply their experienced strategies to deliver a fantastic result for that client. You wouldn’t ask a boxer to perform a brain surgery so why not use an expert property sleuth to find the right investment for you?

Here is an example from one of our clients:

“This is a comparison of my own experience with buying a property in Frankston, Victoria and Springfield, Queensland. For the Frankston property, my husband and I spent hours researching, calling agents, comparing properties on the internet, etc. Then we took four days off work, flew to Melbourne and spent four solid days in a hire car looking at as many properties as possible. Our heads were spinning and we had no real idea of what we were doing. In the end, we spent $3,500 on the trip (not to mention the cost of four days off work and countless hours of research) and simply wanted to buy something… anything… – so we didn’t have to do it again. So we bought the best of a bad lot and hoped for the best.

When we decided to buy in Queensland, we hired a buyer’s agent, accepted his recommendations and signed on the dotted line. To this day, we have not even seen this property and it has performed far better than the Frankston one. I used to think I knew it all and could do it all myself. Now I realize it is far more appropriate and timesaving to pay the experts to do what the experts do best — allowing me to do what I do best”.

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