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The Right Property

“How to buy the right property at the right time in the right location in less than 5-minutes”

Once you have decided the Right Strategy, organized the Right Finance and sought the Right Tax Advice you then need to source the Right Property. This can be an extraordinarily time-consuming, complex and confusing process. You can do it yourself if you have time to spend hour upon hour every night and weekend. Researching and ensuring that you are completing your due diligence is an important part of the process.

You will need to research:

  • – The best estates to invest in all across Australia.
  • – The prime suburbs within those states.
  • – The best streets in those areas the demographics (in relation to those in the area — their age, sex, marital status, average income, family size and whether they are renters or owners — both now and predicted)
  • – The capital growth of the area — both now and predicted.
  • – The average rent of the area — both now and predicted
  • – The infrastructure of the area — both now and predicted.
  • – The government zonings of the area (now and planned changes) the government’s plans for development of roads, hospitals, schools, shopping centers, etc.
  • – The government’s planned changes or improvements to surrounding roads,highways and suburbs plus many, many more factors.


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