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The Right Coach

This is very simple.

Most “wanna-be” property investors fail because they fail to “act”. They really, really want to do something but they just don’t know where to begin. They start researching and get even more overwhelmed – there is so much out there! Many people then suffer from “analysis paralysis”.

They get so caught up trying to pin-point the best time to buy, the best location to buy in, and the best type of property to buy. In the end, they simply DON’T buy. Many people want to research and research until they are absolutely 100%, without any doubt sure that they are entirely correct and certain of their decision. If they wait till then they will simply never buy. Experienced property investors know you can never be 100% sure you have got it right. Even the most experienced investors get the ‘D-Day’ (exchange and settlement day) jitters. It is human nature to have fear and doubts. Other people want to do it but just can’t work out how to put aside the funds required or manage the cost of investing in property. Others are just not sure whether they should invest first or buy their ‘white picket-fenced’ house for the Golden Retriever and the kids and invest later. Others simply think, “I can’t do it. It would be too hard for me.”

So what’s the answer?

Get A Coach!


Why A Coach?

A coach can help you determine things like:

1. What is your definition of success?

2. Do you have a plan?

3. Are you willing to put your plan into action?

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A coach can give you the support and encouragement you need to achieve your goals. They are someone who is on your side, objective and ready to assist with any challenges you may face along the way. A coach will provide guidance and help inspire you to design your financial and life journey. They will celebrate the good times with you and provide encouragement during the challenges. They can teach you to how to examine your financial beliefs and values, trust your instincts and build your excitement to be the best that you can be.

A coach will help you:

  • – Find out where you are at right now.
  • – Look at alternative options should anything not be working for you.
  • – Put into place the new actions to help you reach your desired destination.

At Property In A Box, all our sales agents are trained as property “coaches” not just sales agents. They will not “shove property down your throat”. They will simply work with you, your goals and dreams, and hold your hand along the investment journey.

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